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Do you have a great idea to share?

Data Expo is a platform that brings people and knowledge together, connected through the theme data. The amount of data is growing rapidly, constantly changing and often inconsistent and therefore unstructured. Because of this, there's a lot of knowledge and expertise needed to understand this large amount of available data properly (within the right context).

We're looking for end users with interesting case studies, surprising insights, new trends, lessons learned from successful or failed projects, organisational best practices and other stories to share. Are you an end user who can inspire our visitors? Apply and you might be on our stage to present your story in 30 minutes during the Data Expo.

Do you want to be sure of a spot in the programme? Please contact info@data-expo.nl for more info.

Why speaking at the BDE?

As a data professional, speaking at Data Expo is a great way to expand your network and strengthen your personal branding. With more than 4,000 attendees from various industries, you have the chance to make valuable contacts.

By sharing your knowledge and experience, you can not only inspire others, but also learn from them. In addition, it is a great opportunity to promote your company and show what you and your team are proud of.

During the show, you can also join other presentations, engage with exhibitors and visitors on the show floor, or network in the VIP area. In short, Data Expo offers a unique opportunity to grow and inspire as a data professional.



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Fill in the form if...

  • You are an end-user of data solutions.
  • Your case is about a digital issue within your own organisation.
  • Your story has depth and contains concrete results, insights, figures and strategy.
  • Your case inspires and contains practical tips that our visitors can apply.
  • You have a unique presentation, specially made for the Data Expo.

An application does not guarantee you a place in the programme. We make every effort to select the right cases to inspire our visitors during the fair.

Do NOT complete the form if...

X You provide data solutions to end-users, such as data integration platforms, it-partners and software parties.X You have a sales or product lecture in mind. As a data supplier, do you still want to be visible at the Data Expo?

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May we help you?

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