Ethics for people who work in tech: Let's look at ChatGPT

TUE 11:00 - 11:30

Lecture hall 3

Marc Steen will present four ethical perspectives that professionals can use to integrate ethical aspects in the development and deployment of technologies and applications--based on his recent book, 'Ethics for people who work in tech'. In the presentation, we will practically apply these four ethical perspectives to look at one case: ChatGPT.

You will learn how to organize ethical reflection, inquiry, and deliberation, in three iterative steps: identify issues at play; organize dialogues; and make decisions and be accountable.

Additionally, you will learn about these four ethical perspectives: consequentialism, to look at the potential positive and negative consequences of a particular application; duty ethics, to look at organizations' and people's duties and rights; relational ethics, to understands people as fundamentally relational and interdependent; and virtue ethics, to look at technologies as tools people can use to flourish and to live well together.

Moreover, you can use virtue ethics to explore which virtues you will need or want to cultivate yourself--virtues like courage, justice, curiosity, creativity, or collaboration!