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Studio Data, Live Talk Shows at Big Data Expo 2019

GoDataDriven collaborated with Big Data Expo and Xccelerated to record a series of interviews with some of the most prominent players of the data industry in the Benelux. The interviews were recorded live at the Big Data Expo event in de Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

The three hosts – Thom van ‘t Hek, Julio Peironcely and Walter van der Scheer – discussed topics like ethics, building up an advanced analytics practice, taking AI in production, governance, data lakes, the impact of data on academia and education, the differences between engineers and scientists, and the future of data and AI.

Studio data interview Dimitris & Jeroen

Studio data interview Jan Scholtes

Studio data interview Rik Boss

Studio data interview Marc & Philip

Studio data interview Data Science teams

Studio data interview Bernardo Nunes

Studio data interview Dirk Guijt

Studio data interview Romain & Giovanni

Studio data interview Sean Price

Studio data interview Ben Woldring

Studio data interview met Micha Schmeink

Studio data interview Doron Reuter

Studio data interview Julien Rossi

Studio data interview Youssef El Bouhassani

Studio data interview Thomas & Michel

Studio data interview Martine & Jack

Studio data interview Marc Salomon

Studio data interview Matthias & Jean Paul

Studio Data interview Ambassadeurs

Studio Data interview Lennaert van de Bunt