Dynamic pricing and moped rebalancing to match customer demand with moped availability

WOE 11:15 - 11:45

Dit is een presentatie van 2022

Xebia Data

At felyx we are continuously focused on matching the demand of our customers with the availability of our mopeds. This is done via use cases Dynamic pricing and Rebalancing. These use cases are enabled by an in-house developed engine that supports us in better matching of the demand of our customers with the availability of our mopeds. Since felyx operates with a free-floating concept this could result in a high amount of vehicles in a low demand area or the other way around. By providing discounts to our customers resulting from our Dynamic pricing engine we incentivize our customers to drive from a low demand area to a high demand area. In addition, we actively rebalance our mopeds to high demand areas. This increases the availability for one customer while providing a benefit for the other customer. Furthermore, it reduces idle times of our mopeds resulting in other extra benefits like lower nuisance and damages. In this short talk we will elaborate on the development of the use cases Dynamic Pricing and Rebalancing and the underlying engine , the process of embedding it into our backend system, mobile apps and operations, its benefits and the challenges faced during design, development and implementation.