Learnings from the first steps towards becoming data-driven

WOE 14:45 - 15:15

Dit is een presentatie van 2022

Xebia Data

In this talk we, Rik Krouwel (Data Platform & Analytics Lead at Van Caem Klerks Group) and Roel Bertens (Data Person at GoDataDriven), will share our experience about Van Caem’s road to becoming data-driven.

As a trading company, we at Van Caem wanted to grow further. However, we soon realized that we were not digitally advanced enough to take on our competitors. We saw our competition was doing their business faster, some even fully automated, with the latest information at hand. A trader should be able to focus on doing trade, and not on manual time consuming analyses, because trading is what they do best. This realization sparked the initiative to take the next step in digitizing our company.

To achieve this goal Van Caem Klerks Group teamed up with GoDataDriven. Steven Nooijen and Roel Bertens put together a high-level data strategy plan that answers why to become data-driven, what it actually means for Van Caem, and how to get there.

The plan included pragmatic action points like building a data platform, setting up a data team, and focusing on key data products. Each of these were soon picked up. To sustain all this change an important decision was made to hire Rik Krouwel as a permanent data platform & analytics lead.

So then what? How did the execution of this plan further go? What did we run into in which phase? Where are we now and where are we going?

Tune in for pitfalls, tips, tricks, and learnings.

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