Lightyear: scaling a data team in a hyper growth & high tech environment

WOE 14:00 - 14:30

Dit is een presentatie van 2022

Lightyear is on a mission to bring clean mobility to everyone, everywhere. We do so by producing Solar Electric Vehicles, and the first model will be taken into production this year.

In this session, we will show you how we approach moving an engineering company to work in a data-driven manner and how we are scaling a data team in a hyper-growth and high-tech company.

We will cover the overall architecture we designed using the data mesh principles and tell you about challenges we face while working in a hyper-growth company.

We will also demonstrate one of the use cases that we have built to collect and process large amounts of vehicle telemetry in real-time to help the engineers in their development process for these groundbreaking vehicles.

Key words: Data Mesh, Buy or Make, Electric Vehicles, Timeseries, IoT

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