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All data solutions under one roof

Data Expo | 11 & 12 September 2024 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht

For anyone looking to create more business value through the application of data, the Data Expo is the premier event to gather new insights. On 11 & 12 September, you will discover how to develop a strategy supported by a data-driven foundation and become a truly data-minded organisation. In Jaarbeurs Utrecht you will find solutions in many different fields, from cloud computing to data visualisation and from data security to ML/AI. In addition to 100 innovative exhibitors, you will find an extensive programme of lectures in no fewer than 8 lecture halls and a keynote hall, where you will find inspiration based on cases discussing the challenges you are facing.

For all levels of the organisation

No matter how big your data knowledge, data challenge or data ambition

Not only will you find tools for all your data, analytics & cloud questions, you'll also discover the latest developments in the data landscape. The wide range of exhibitors and speakers makes the data event suitable for all levels of organisation. Whether or not you're already working with data professionally. Are you still doubting whether a visit to Data Expo could be valuable for you? Read on quickly to find out who the Data Expo is relevant to. And don't forget to take a look at the extensive range of exhibitors and lectures!

I manage a data team

Embed data applications in your organisation

Is making data applications scalable one of your biggest challenges? Is your company going through a digital transition, but is the step to a data-driven mindset still a bridge too far? Success with data does not come without a struggle!

See what a visit to the Data Expo can bring you! Gain new insights and exchange experiences to get up to date in one or two days.


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BDE data professional

I unlock data

Discover the latest data tools & trends

Cloud storage, linking systems, implementing dashboards and reports as well as developing new models and processes. As a data expert, you are constantly optimising the models to gather the right output.

At Expo you will find the latest data trends & developments and discover which tools and data applications are the perfect fit for your organisation.


I manage a non-data related team

Make better decisions based on data

Has your organisation collected a large bulk of data and do you want to start using it in a smart way to improve business processes and results? Getting started with data raises many questions: Are my data relevant enough? How do I get value from my data? How quickly will I earn back my investment? Do data really help me answer my questions and optimise business processes?

You'll get the answers to these and many other questions at Data Expo. You'll discover what steps to take and find out how valuable your data are.


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I determine strategy & vision (C-level)

Discover the opportunities around data-driven work

Becoming a data-driven organisation. We all want it, but what does it really mean? The data within your organisation are a veritable gold mine, and through the proper use of algorithms and predictive analytics, your investment becomes invaluable. Wondering how organisations handle the digital transformation?

At Data Expo, you'll meet inspiring speakers and find a diverse group of big data organisations and professionals.


I work in IT

Prepare for the massive growth of data

More data? More systems? Enhanced privacy & security? How do you tackle that? The IT sector is increasingly faced with Data, cloud solutions and data security, which is why these themes are on the agenda at Data Expo.

Get information and advice from professionals and find out how other organisations overcame these obstacles.


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